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Project Description

AlphaMobileControls is a .NET Compact Framework 2.0 API offering WinForm Controls for Windows Mobile 5 or 6 able to handle images with alpha channel and alpha blending.


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Project Details

I wanted to have some simple but nice controls to work on Windows Mobile devices using the .NET Compact Framework and I founded this article:,guid,0b5a9c02-0a44-4d5e-85f9-949cab4ad8f3.aspx

The source code is provided but it was really specific to the need of the application and it was not possible to do the UI layout using the Visual Studio Form Designer. So I decided to create some controls to handle images with Alpha Channel and Alpha Blending, it is what I did, and decided to share it to everybody, and name it AlphaMobileControls.

Only a few simple controls are currently available, they are "AlphaControl":
  • AlphaLabel
  • AlphaPictureBox
  • AlphaImageButton

They must be contained in a particular container, either an AlphaPanel or an AlphaForm.

The Alpha Channel in images in managed by the Imaging API andthe Alpha Blending is managed by the AlphaBlend() SDK function. Here is a great article about theses 2 nice features available since Widows Mobile 5:

A nice article has been published on CodeProject by Atanu Mandal:

Enjoy :o)

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